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The work presented by Camarro in this exposition it’s unlike any other of figures which transpire luminosity, transparency, reminding of angel like figures of a world filled with hope and seen as a spiritual kingdom that awaits a better comprehension and solidarity between men.

The artistic personality of Camarro must be understood and felt as a picturesque manifestation, predominantly of colors within the same color, above textures, lights and movements. It can be said that his understanding is chromatic and conjectural, because filled with symbolisms; it’s easily identifiable of different solutions of presentation of a system that takes the spectator thinking he’s in the presence of variations in a musical environment.

In reality, we’ll find a chromatic manifestation made out of successive scales, in an amazing seductive formation, profiteered of references, lights and significant arrangements that reveal the explicit soul of an artist. Camarro mix the pure colors, as in a energetic force intending to give life to formal solutions, predominantly, this way, the cold colors and the hot are particularly reserved for the representation of prominent figures and make them win the enormous vigor of their whites.

Camarro makes an explicit case, prevailing in a combination of a selection of mystic’s figures that live in our imagination. He gives them a body, transparency and a spirit. Seduction, mystery, magic and dancing.

In this line of characterization we can say that Camarro’s paintings fall in line of multiple dispositions made within a spiritual entity of transparent figuration and its esthetic strength, organizes itself in successive works that have a need to explain explicit to the new world, of a new era and of another way of life, much more elevated.

That expectant life being seen made in the next millennium. In this way, Camarro it’s already an artist in transition.

The transcendental movement of this figures its simplicity materialized of chromatic solutions and adopted textures, within a light-dark technique, the dark behind has a poetic conceptualism that activates the conscience of being and imposes to the spectator, as in a metallic painting, beyond of what it’s supposed to be in representations vinculum picturesque.

It is our thinking, that there’s a great reaching esthetically and philosophically in its exposed work.