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Curriculum Vitae


Mr Laurentino Silva Camarro


Sculptor / Painter


Was born in the south of the river Tejo, Portugal in 1958


Studies  Psychology at the University “Autonoma” in Lisbon

Studied painting



Restoration at the Institute of Arts e Orifices from the University “Autonoma” in Lisbon


Pedagogue training at the INIS Institute

Painted Paris and CapeVert, illustration of book covers

Teaches design and painting at the Atelier Camarro

Member of the ANAP (National Association of Plastic Artists)

Under the number B/262 of professional identification

Founding member and partner number 1 of ARTESFERA (Plastic Arts Association of Barreiro)

Member of the Portuguese Society of Authors under the number 15648

Member of the GALUARTE International Group of Artists

Artistic Director of the Camarro Art gallery

Coordinator in the area of Council Culture of Barreiro 2003 – 2005

Consultante in the area of Council Culture of Barreiro 2006


Possess work in known identities such as:

Santa Casa da Misericordia (Portugal)

Bank Espirito Santo (Portugal)

Primary School of Vale de Brejo (Portugal)

Council of Beja (Portugal)

Council of Gois(Portugal)

Development Association of Gois and Beira Serra (Portugal)

Foundation Eng. Antonio de Almeida (Portugal)

Humanitarian Association of Firefighters of Pinhal Novo (Portugal)

Council of Ponte Vedra (Spain)

Council of Poio (Spain)


Representing in another artistic collections such as in the USA, Scotland, Spain, Belgium and Mexico.


Collaboration in the Arts project in Gois started in 1998; which reached its success when the “Artist House” was opened in 2000.


A Monument in recognition of an artist in Alvares – Gois


A Monument in recognition to the sheep farmer (Quinta do Anjo – Palmela)


Alentejo Memories (Quinta do Anjo – Bairro Alentejano – Palmela)




Recognition to the volunteer firefighter (Arruda dos Vinhos)

Recognition to the wine maker (Arruda dos Vinhos)


Public Sculptures in recognition


To Dr Carlos Pinto Council President of Covilha (District of Sobral de Sao Miguel)

To Priest Joao Evangelista (Moita)

To Comander Joaquim Francisco Baptista (Pinhal Novo)

To the FCB President Sir Manuel Lopes (Barreiro)


Small stone monuments


In recognition of the blood donor (Barreiro)

Monument to the small businessman (Miranda do Corvo)


Participation in sand sculpture events


Fiesa 2007, 2009 and 2011 SandCity (Pera, Algarve)


Christmas House on earth (Vila de Gois) 2010


Christmas Piramide (Vila de Gois) 2011


Reparation and restoration


Matriz de St Cruz Church


Guest Author for Gois’ Art 1998 to 2010


Guest Jury for Gois’ Art 1998 to 2003


Guest collaboration with the Italian Producer D&D at the organization “Number One” for Young Students of Art produced for television by SIC


Working galleries


Antiquaria Jaime Trigo (Espanha)

Horas Limpidas Art (Porto)

Geraldes Gallery (Porto)


Public Monument at large scale




Recognition to the volunteer firefighter (Pinhal Novo)


Iron and Stone:


Recognition to the Locomotive worker (Pinhal Novo)




Recognition to the International year of Literature (Pinhal Novo)

Monument to LibertyPoio (Ponte Vedra) Spain

Monument to Women (Miranda do Corvo)

Monument to Liberty (Pinhal Novo)

Spring Birth (Barreiro)

The Ninfas and the Tejo (Barreiro)

Elan’s Mother (in conjunction with the architect Cristina Leiria) (Cascais)

Recognition to the Sea (in conjunction with Armando Martinez) (Vigo) – Spain

To the Lagar and the Olive tree (Armando Martinez) (Santarem)

To the industrials Alfredo Filipe and Mrs Elvira Filipe

Monument to solidarity (Armando Martinez and Fernando Martins) (Gois)

Monument to the grape tree (Lamas Miranda do Corvo)

To the volunteer firefighter (Miranda do Corvo)

To Ines de Castro (Ines Rainha Viva) (Coimbra)

To the Oleiro (Miranda do Corvo)

Coast Mirage Vincentina Zambujeira do Mar

Recreation of Pelourinho de Miranda do Corvo

Recriation of Pelourinho de Pampilhosa da Serra for the 700 years celebration

Trademark of Pampilhosa da Serra Council.